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Jack Russells


 Our love of the Jack Russell terrier started over 30 years ago with the purchase of a  Jack Russell puppy of 6 weeks old called Tiny.  We didn't realise just how much our lives would be affected by this wonderful little dog. We've  been showing Jack Russells for nearly 20 years now and made some wonderful friends along the way. Within the site we have included information on buying a jack russell puppy, what to expect and a page with lots of photo's of jack russell puppies.

 We decided to create this website for everybody else who loves this wonderful breed.  On the following pages we have included lots of  photo's, a guide to puppy care and information on the Jack Russell terrier so we hope you enjoy your visit and will call back again. 

 Each year we compete in the show ring with our jack russells  and we are very proud of their achievements, having won numerous championships throughout the country. 

 We are members of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Gt Britain, a club established in 1974 to preserve the characteristics and conformation of the Jack Russell Terrier. The club organizes shows all over the UK and you will seldom find a weekend during the spring and summer months when there is not a show being held somewhere.  Of course, there are many more venues where terrier shows take place including Hunt shows and Country Fairs.  You even get the odd show in the winter, held indoors if the weather is too bad for the outdoor ring.

 It's a great day out for all the family and sometimes it can mean a full weekend away from home (with camping facilities), enjoying the company of other Jack Russell enthusiasts.  You'll find people are really friendly and only too happy to give a helping hand and offer advice when needed.

If you would like to contact us there is a link to our email  address at the bottom of each page. Please drop us a line, we are always happy to hear from visitors to our site.

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